Now you are in the subtree of  Welcome to Knowen! project. 

Creating new page

You can create new page (node) starting from any other Public or accessible Private page. The new node can be either a child or a sibling node of the current one. In case the current node has multiple parents you will have an option to select the parent for new node.

A new page opens

where you will provide the title of new node, text, attachments. The funcionality of this view is identical to Editing node, except you cannot change parent nodes, and there is no draft feature, until you do initial commit.

There is a special case if you create a child of a Private Root node (or a sibling of a top node of any Private project). This creates a new Private project.

You will be able to add collaborators to this project and modify its visibility after this page -- the top node of the project has been created.