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User reputation


All articles are divided into 3 categories, with associated "popularity" index:

  • Popular (popularity = 6) -- the top 10% of articles sorted according to the number of views
  • Interesting (3) -- next 30%
  • Regular (1) -- remaining 60%

Rating calculation:

Rating consists of two numbers:

  • Basic (Public) rating -- for creation and editing of pages
  • Social Rating -- for commenting on pages and other people's changes

Calculation of Basic Rating:

  • + (10 x Popularity) for creation of a page
  • +3 for every user who gives positive comment on a change
  • -3 for every user who gives negative comment on a change

If there are multiple comments on a given change by the same user, only the last non-neutral comment counts for the rating

Calculation of Social Rating:

  • +2 for a positive comment (to a page or a change)
  • +1 for a negative comment

This reputation system is just a "strawman". Don't hesitate to give your suggestions!