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Commenting on pages and changes

There two types of comments

  • Comments on the page as a whole, which could be suggestions for clarification or extension by readers and fellow authors.
  • Comments on specific changes. These could be neutral, positive, or negative, and they influence reputation of both the author of the particular change and the commenter.

Comments on a page as a whole

can be done from the "History and Comments" tab:

Comments to a particular change

This commenting functionality provides a forum where the author and the readers can have a discussion regarding a particular change. It provides a record, as well as contributes to the reputation, both of the author and the commenters. Comment can be positive (green), negative (red), or neutral (gray), and they affect reputation differently. To mitigate the risk of misunderstanding, only the "color" of the last comment by a particular commenter counts in the reputation.

  • Open specific change from the History and Comments tab

  • Write a comment, and submit it as neutral, positive, or negative

  • The comment appears in the main History and Comments view as a "vote", positive (green), negative (red), or neutral (gray)