Now you are in the subtree of High-Temperatures Superconductivity project. 

Experimental methods

A variety of experimental techniques are being applied to study the properties of high-temperature superconducting materials.

Spectroscopies of excitations

  1. core shell spectroscopies
  2. Photo-emission (including angular resolved)
  3. inelastic neutron scattering
  4. Raman scattering
  5. Neutron scattering
  6. Scanning Tunneling microscopy

Thermodynamic properties

  1. Specific heat
  2. Magnetization
  3. Electrical Polarization
  4. Elastic moduli

Transport properties

  1. AC/DC electrical conductivity
  2. Thermal transport
  3. Thermoelectric effects

Structural properties

  1. elastic neutron scattering
  2. elastic X-ray scattering
  3. atom pair distribution function
  4. Scanning Tunneling microscopy