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how to build Lollapalooza in fintech

Step 1: Create the product hook.

In the fast and naturally unpredictable environment of blockchain and cryptos, it is important to build
good (no optimality) synergy and team, so called Lollapalooza[1]

Two main avenues are (multiple blogs - Steve Schlafman[2] , Fred Destin[3] , Jerry Neumann[4] with thoughts on Kelly follow-ups)

  • a startup with evolving ideas
  • Venture Capital effort with seed entries, reasonable diversification is useful here

Neccessary (Angels - Calacanis[5], ...)

  • to build a small effective team
  • have operational ability at multiple levels of the technology, capital and trading
  • to build prototypes effectively and implement the full implementation and monetization cycle
  • stay close to your circle of competence (large number of smart people making efforts already in various spaces of fintech...) and find your edge


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