Now you are in the subtree of Scholarly Commons WG4 project. 


The focus of this working group is on finding or creating working technical implementations based specifically around the culture of the Scholarly Commons.

currents thougths

  • Nate: Two sides, first side is to survey what tools, frameworks, approaches, and efforts and have conversation about relating to commons theory and long term goals for open scholarship, package and communicate high level concepts. Particularly let’s look at those new projects that are working towards changing the paradigm.
  • Katie: have both mindsets at the same time, need to have the how and the why of what is needed (and the why of what scholarly work is). If all we are doing is mapping what people are using now, that means we are basically happy with the academy as it is today… so why are we even talking? (paraphrased well :) )
  • Chris: concrete use cases on how scholarship could/should work (with a technical emphasis), creating something new - not just a new tool
  • Ivar: survey of what people are doing now, work towards bridging things, to serve both the canonical academy-type of research and citizen science
  • Bruce: two diametrically opposite viewpoints going on here - why do we do scholarship and looking at what we already have