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Established tools

Mature tools which are already in use.

Bianca’s work - From her email to the group:

Based on our 2015-2016 survey data (20.663 respondents across disciplines, countries and research roles), one thing Jeroen and I did so far is identify which tools/platforms are more often used together in workflows than expected by chance, and from there identify clusters of tools that are specifically used together (approaching workflows). For more information see our blogpost on this: Stringing beads, from tool combinations to workflows. While so far, we only did this for the preset answer options in our survey only, we have now extended the analysis to include the most often mentioned 'other' options per question, too. I finished that analysis today.

An interactive view of the results can be seen in this online table. Of course, all results and methods are available too, linked in the blogpost above - though not yet archived in a commons-compliant way... except the raw survey data)

I'd still very much like to extend this analysis to differentiate between different disciplines, and specifically look at workflows existing of commons-compliant tools/platforms.”