Now you are in the subtree of Scholarly Commons WG4 project. 

Basic Needs


  • Allow for individual expression but also brings many together in a common space and common way to offer that connectedness.
  • Easy to find the channel for communication and easy to participate. Professionals are very engaging - easy to see role models in transparent system.
  • Need to be able to see what someone does OR choose to interact with that.
  • Spotlighting and sharing - but that has to overcome the tradition of keeping it to myself.
  • Need organizational tools with which to interact with the tools we use and the content in them.
  • Need to preserve context better of the research as it is happening -> discoverability happens more naturally and with machines helping facilitate that more naturally.
  • Something that helps micro-communities work together
  • Need a shared genuine challenge, where people have ways to connect to overcome that challenge.
  • Need to be able to connect to the extent that an individual is able to, not some arbitrary required level of engagement - give what you have to give, receive what you need to receive.

Inspiration for solution

What are some more social channels that currently exist for people looking at these questions? Or how can we get something like that going?

  • Reddit community with 83,000 people involved but still having useful discussions and fairly easy to stay up to date on what others are doing. (AMA - Ask Me Anything - - - so what are steps forward to connecting to other groups NOW)
  • In the gaming community you are all trying to beat the same boss in a game and none of you can do it alone so you simply have to come together to work towards accomplishing that together -> a video posted where millions choose to come together to all learn together. It requires that genuine interest as a meeting ground.