Now you are in the subtree of Deep Learning Quantum Physics of Many-Body Systems project. 

Discussion Point

The discussions (of Q&A type) can be performed in the following platform:

AllAnswered: Deep Learning Quantum Physics of Many-Body Systems

The platform resembles physics.stackexchange and it is relatively easy to use.
Text formatting, mathematical equations and images can be easily inserted. Note that this is a public website.

New ideas about the FGF can also be announced there to be discussed.
Remember that we prefer open discussions to be performed on physics.stackexchange to benefit from the knowledge of the larger physics community. Paper review and discussions can also be performed on PhysicsOverflow platform.

History has taught us that open works better than closed. Therefore, our own Q&A website should be used only for the posts which are not relevant to or appropriate for physics.stackexchange. So, if you deem a question appropriate for physics.stackexchange, then publish the question there, but post the title of the question and the corresponding stackexchange link into our own Q&A.
When you decide to post a question to our Q&A, please mention the corresponding Knowen node(s) in the question body; for instance, add #The Art of Mean-Field Theory at the end of the post.

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