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Quantitative investing

The wisdom of experience from Howard Marks Investing without People

Lessons from Cliff Asness by Tren Griffin

Pretty Soon, You'll Get to Invest Just Like Ray Dalio His approach has a lot of variations but isn’t foolproof


Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction by Philip E. Tetlock

How to Become a Superforecaster

Measuring Risk Aversion

Measuring the Fabric of Felicity by Elm Partners

Reflections on the Mega Millions Lottery: Can a Lottery Ticket with Great Odds Still be a Bad Bet?
Expected Value versus Expected Utility function??? not accounting for behavioural loss bias still?

...Expected Utility puts weights on the almost-certain loss versus the almost-impossible huge gain in a way that is both intuitively appealing (to us, at least) and theoretically sound