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Financial Crisis

The Next Financial Crisis Is Staring Us in the Face
All it takes to see it is a long look in the mirror - By Barry Ritholtz October 8, 2018

Why so little has changed since the financial crash by Martin Wolf from FT

NO easy solutions.....

A more likely cause of inertia is the power of vested interests. Today’s rentextracting
economy, masquerading as a free market, is, after all, hugely rewarding to politically
influential insiders.

Ten Years After the Global Financial Crisis: A Changed World by JP Morgan and Kolanovic group

Sharp decline in market depth and liquidity due to regulatory changes and rise of passive investment raises the risk of a Great
Liquidity Crisis (GLC).

  • diversification is the ONLY law of finance

Things Fall Apart(part 2) see a critical discussion by Ben Hunt of Epsilon Theory from politics to portfolio management in 2018

  • incentives and motivation of economic players is the core of any activity, including economics

Asymmetries of interactions, incentives, and stability is the subject of Naseem Taleb books Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life