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Epsilon Theory - Ben Hunt and Rusty Guinn

Ben Hunt - co-founder of Epsilon Theory


Oh, hell, Martha, go ahead and burn yourself if you want to

Build your intellectual capital
Get your passport stamped
Train your voice. And use it
Courage without ego-driven game - But my burns are my burns. Your burns are your burns.
Getting the Process wrong leads to an entirely different sort of regret than getting the Answer wrong

see also Ray Dalio about hierarchy of meta-games - values, talents, skills (opposite to usual recruiting approach)

Getting Out: A Godfather Story
regret minimization, rather than return maximization

Dogs, Dog Food, and the Curse of Some Talent about startups

It’s the Curse of Some Talent, when you’ve got an idea or a venture that seems great to
you, but isn’t quiiiiite great enough to make it in the cold cruel world. But you remain
convinced it’s SUCH a good idea

Investment Diligence and the Cornelius Effect

Funding Secured about Softbank

Figaro about Trend strategy

The Grammar of Risk

a link Saudi Arabia and the Common Knowledge Game