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Science and capitalism

  • science and capitalism are driven by individuality/individuals

Science and Capitalism are fostered by individual ambition. Capitalism and science are humane because personal freedom is encouraged by these systems (Milton Friedman).

Democracy is the collective decision making. Culture and politics seem to foster collectivism. For instance, socialism is a meme which created to support the collective ego.
Moreover, socialism is a drive to fight the dearth of the collective, this is in analogy to the sexuality/procreation is a drive to fight the death of individual.

  • how to distinguish value? Cronies/crowds/trend in science and capitalism and markets

Sex, Science And Profits 2009 by Terence Kealey

Social networks and Media

A Free Market Alternative to Big Tech Censorship


2020y Paul McCulley: We Are "Unambiguously" On The Verge Of A Profound Change In The Economy

The Trouble With Macroeconomics Paul Romer

For more than three decades, macroeconomics has gone backwards.
A parallel with string theory from physics hints at a general failure mode of science that is triggered when respect for highly regarded leaders evolves into a deference to authority that displaces objective fact from its position as the ultimate determinant of scientific truth.