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Freeman Dyson

Family, friends and work and Social differences between England and the US
How we know a book review by Freeman Dyson. Information Age and the search for the meaning.
Another, just one, example of his original thinking about Technology and Social Justice and his book The Sun, The Genome, and The Internet: Tools of Scientific Revolution

The Civil heretic and types of Frog and a Bird

Freeman Dyson - What is the Far Future of Intelligence in the Universe?

Jeremy Bernstein - Abstract: This is a letter of inquiry about the nature of quantum mechanics

The Brain Is Full of Maps A Talk By Freeman Dyson

2010 Freeman Dyson: Heretical Thoughts About Science and Society

Freeman Dyson posits "QM cannot be a complete description of nature" @ J.A. Wheeler's 90th birthday

Birds and Frogs by Freeman Dyson

reflections on map-making of reality ... compare with The Brain Is Full of Maps - A Talk By Freeman Dyson

Freeman Dyson: unorthodox to the end

video 2011 Dyson discusses Space Technology, Nuclear Energy, the Genome and the Computer Revolution

selected works

Time without end: Physics and biology in an open universe

technical - General theory of spin-wave interactions

video Freeman Dyson - Ferromagnetism and spin wave theory (100/157)

1964 Zittarz on spin-wave problem