Justin H. Wilson

Postdoc at Caltech
Supervisor: Gil Refael
Email: justin@jhwilson.com


  • Non-equilibrium effects in topological phases.
  • MBL (beyond exact diagonalization)
  • Weyl and Dirac metals
  • Spin-$S>0$ BECs dynamics and structure.
  • Casimir and optical phenomena

Ongoing projects

  • Persistent Hall response in a quantum quench
  • Phases of a Spin-1 BEC in synthetic dimension experiments with interactions.
    • Charge density waves develop (with ferromagnetic and anti-ferromagnetic interactions) in addition to spin density waves.
    • First order transition into a uniform phase occurs for anti-ferromagnetic interactions.
  • Disorder induced phases in a 3D $p+ip$ superconductor
    • Thermal insulator, semi-metal, and diffusive metal found and characterized with critical exponents.
    • Peak in DOS (See Eq. (37) of Senthil and Fisher) observed for strong enough disorder associated with thermally diffusive behavior.
    • Anderson insulating transition observed numerically.
    • Rare region effects destroy the semi-metallic phase for infinitesimal disorder.