Light–matter Interaction and Quantum Control In Many–body Systems


Julia S. Meyer, Universite Grenoble Alpes
Felix von Oppen, Freie Universitaet Berlin
Gil Refael, Caltech
Amir Yacoby, Harvard

The means of controlling many-body quantum systems, as well as our capabilities of exploring short-time quantum phenomena, have developed dramatically in recent years. Many new ideas have emerged for inducing new quantum phases by external control such as electromagnetic radiation. These ideas prompted numerous exciting experiments ranging from inducing transient superconducting response in driven materials to realizing topological quantum phases in driven optical lattices. Developments in quantum control were strongly motivated by the quest for quantum computing platforms in many-body quantum systems. Our program intends to bring together a broad community of experts interested in the coherent manipulation and control of many-body quantum states in real time. The workshop intends to share the challenges and recent progress on the cold-atom, solid-state, and quantum computing frontiers, and to synthesize a common vision for the broad field of quantum dynamics.