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Challenges - questions and answers

Q: is Utility token worth anything (as opposed to Platform and Security Tokens)?
Rise of the Token Hugger Part 1: ICOs, Consensus & Credulity Pandemic Legally, apparently no future cashflows or claims are assigned. So what will happen with huge projects like EOS and TELEgram? It seems an open question to me (MT).

Q: Forks and copies of the open-source can be made. Cryptoassets are not backed by valuable physical assets, therefore it is hard to see a future for them. Is there a sustainable value in the cryptonetwork?
A: A brand of cryptonetwork can become established, and therefore become sustainable.
It is important to see where corporate and government cryptocoins can have advantages over public-project coins.

Q: How can the development of crypto-infrastructure be sustained at later stages?
A: ICO can be continuous. But again a balance between established brand and innovation needs to be governed on-chain and off-chain (governance).
Analyzing Token Sale Models by Buterin
Interactive coin offerings
technical paper

Q: what is the essence of decentralization? About users? miners? validators?

Measuring Decentralization 09 Sep 2015 Bitcoin’s Decentralization increases as a full node becomes cheaper.

So, is it about users after all?