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  • There has been explosive development in crypto in 10 years since Bitcoin paper: from niche hacker activity, to anonymous payment system, consensus mechanisms to ecosystem building. There is a myriad of active projects, ranging from replicating existing systems and services, to completely new ones. There is lots of information around; the time has come to organize and make sense of it.
  • We started accumulating and organizing the information according to activities, technologies, and applications, revealing connections between projects and technologies, collecting the news and information on working groups, conferences, and meetings.
  • Our goal is to have the most complete, intuitive, and up-to-date resource on crypto

Where do I start?

  • Open the Graph of pages, and take a quick look. Looks interesting?
  • Dig in deeper into subtopics, but never get lost with the Graph of pages just click away.

How can I help?

  • Create an account in knowen and start commenting on existing content to point out mistakes, or make suggestions for extensions and improvements. Contribute to public as well as to private projects.
  • Draft and discuss old and new ideas. An example about "The nature and the risks of consensus". Save good links quickly with some brief thoughts.
  • Join us in writing new content -- contact Collaborators (use the top panel) and learn how to use Knowen

Why should I spend my time on All Things Crypto?

  • There is a reasonable chance that this could grow into a go-to resource on crypto, and you will be at the origins of it. Crypto Wikipedia?!
  • Further thoughts about "All Things Crypto" can be useful and the older outline
  • It is a quick and fun way to learn, and always be able to come back to what you learned.

Read, write, enjoy!