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Valuation models

the work in progress

Cryptoassets can have several functions and business models. In particular, the main functions for the valuation are a store of value and a medium of exchange (unit of measure seems to be of secondary importance). Business models can be currency (digital exchange), utility token (a token facilitating the network), a security token (essentially, equity of the network), a discount token, etc.

I would argue that a coin has two parts of the value. One is short-term speculative, perhaps momentum like, which is based on number of daily transactions. Another part is a long-term, value like, which is related to a number of users via Metcalfe's law.

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a good article with basic examples Valuing Cryptoassets from the Ground Up by Mike Sall

If the equation holds up, it suggests that commoditized cryptoassets could form a utility foundation for a new kind of industry.

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Light literature

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Valuation for conventional firms

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Academic literature

Initial Coin Offerings 
and the Value of Crypto Tokens in SSRN. ... by revealing key aspects of consumer demand, crypto tokens may increase entrepreneurial returns beyond what can be achieved through traditional equity financing. ... Crypto tokens can also facilitate coordination among stakeholders within digital ecosystems when network effects are present.

Be aware of Futility Tokens


Cryptocurrencies provide a medium of exchange. They share some features of fiat currencies, some are different. They are scarce, tamper-free, fungible. Yet, unlike real currencies, they are not, and never have been tied to a real-world asset, except the amount of energy or other resources (amount of code written) needed to validate transactions or "mine" new coins. Is that sufficient to construct a valuation model?

Other shortcuts:

  • Relate the coin market cap to the total value of gold, or total volume of fiat currencies