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New Internet and Web 3.0

Why the net giants are worried about the Web 3.0

What are possible secure technologies for inter-sovereign trading and payment systems? The same platform will be used for derivatives.
The current main candidates, known to me, are Ripple, Hyperledger, and possibly (notice that R3 consortium is out). Perhaps, still the current race is between all-encompassing Etherium versus Ripple+Hyperledger.

  • a good collection of articles on the topic from "Economist"

There is no single solution to making the internet more decentralised

The story of the internet is all about layers

Blockchain technology may offer a way to re-decentralise the internet
Startups want to remake the internet with blockchain

  • decentralized systems are WAY harder @backus John Backus tweet.... to build and this seems always affect UX.

There is no easy macro/global solution for the decentralization - Facebook’s Travails and the Decentralized Future another note by Albert Wenger. From one side, no censor to influence market or political opinions, but from another side, conspiracies, violence, and fake news can easily spread and exaggerate behavioural tendencies.

Rebuilding of the internet

Fat protocols and argument against it Fat protocols are not an investment thesis-Searching for investment criteria in the functionality stack, and still yet Thin Protocols

4 layers of blockchain , and fifth protocol for Internet

Users create value

Fat protocols aren’t new: What blockchain can learn from p2p file sharing

A technical view by VC JULY 10, 2018 THE WEB3 STACK BY KYLE SAMANI

Less-techy: What is Web 3.0? by Gavin Wood in 2014

Tokenized Tor? A16z, DFJ and More Back Private Internet Project Orchid

Important projects

Blockstack is definitely an important project of building Internet 3.0 bottom up with innovative protocol and app-rewards for developers for consistent long-term effort.


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