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mathematical and technical aspects of consensus

Let’s take a crack at understanding distributed “consensus”

Delegated PoS

see EOS


Hashgraph: A Whitepaper Review Febr, 2018
A critical peer review

An Interview: Blockchain Rival That Invented Own Decentralization the project is looking to become commercial


IOTA Doesn’t Scale feb 10, 2018

  • there was a story of cryptography hacking problem by some academics

Formal BFT

There seems to be a disconnect between formal BFT and practical BFT (for instance, Vitalik)

  • a couple of papers attached



The State of Cryptocurrency Mining David Vorick - I am the lead developer of Sia, a blockchain based cloud storage platform.

The biggest takeaway from all of this is that mining is for big players. The more money you spend, the more of an advantage you have, and there’s not an easy way to change that equation

Snow flake to Avalanche- A Novel Metastable Consensus Protocol Family