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Dissemination and the path to adoption

What obstacles prevent other platforms for open research from spreading on a global scale? How do we overcome these obstacles?

The culture of open research

Open research calls for a global shift in scientific ethics and norms, especially towards a more cooperative culture. How to catalyze such a change?

  • Think about prestige vs. reputation
  • Encourage people to start gradually. There’s no need to demand that researchers should immediately jump from the current system to something radically different. Even by making small changes (e.g., adding a paragraph to papers explaining the authors contributions) we can already contribute to a fairer, more open research culture.
  • Some ideology might help to motivate people: Science wants to be open. Knowing other minds. Inspiration from the FOSS movement?

Concrete actions

Which concrete measures, at the level of individual researchers, laboratories, universities, and governments, can and should be taken to move towards open research?

Talk to a philanthroper (e.g., John Templeton Foundation or