Now you are in the subtree of Perimeter Open Research project. 

What’s next for this group?

Short term goals:

  • mailing list - done:
  • White paper (Thomas: A review of open research initiatives; Bapu: A “policy forum” in Science; Simon: an open project using social science data)
  • Feedback for existing tools: what need to be improved, what is working really well (JOGL, Knowen). Also comments on projects and initiatives that are not related to tools.
  • Getting a list of people willing to try new features and tools, so that on the long run we can collect their opinion/experiences/data
  • Some data / examples showing how open practices are already benefiting people here would be helpful! Open source (scientific) software is an example, but ideally we would have some open access / open data / open process examples too.
  • Compare our goals with current initiatives, like the Center for Open Science and Force11. To what extent do our goals and/or methods align with them (are we more bottom-up for example?)
  • Encourage researchers to slowly adopt open projects, share their work, adopt different methods for recruiting students and gathering collaborators
  • An open science initiative at Perimeter (or your home institution)
    • Core open science principles (open access, open data, open process, etc.)
    • Get postdocs and faculty to commit to trying out open science in at least one way (something they are not already doing)
  • Could try to encourage more influential/important people to try open projects (media involvement as incentive)
  • Write editorial piece on licenses in Nature, Science, or specialized journals
  • Encourage creation of arXiv overlays, which allow experimentation in publishing
  • explore CS-type conference proceedings publication model

Long term goals:

  • Imagine a vision statement: how research in academia will look like in a few years, if open research is adopted and spreads. (Here is a doc with future scenarios that may be useful; it was generated by SCWG4 of Force11)