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Technology and markets are powerful collective tools of humanity. Sciences (physics, economics, etc.) are the foundations. Build the tools - synthesize the how of technology and markets with the why of sciences.

“more and less”

The technology is "how to do more with less".
The markets is "more is better", while the decision-making psychology is "more is less".
The science is "more is different".

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  • topics where Technology and Markets meet. Advanced by PEOPLE and Founders

Future and Strategic Technologies
All about Crypto tech and economics
Attention Economy

Examples - Markets topics - Finance and Economics and Venture Capital

Examples - Technology topics - Quantum Technologies and Biotechnology

General topics of sciences which Technology and Markets aim to exploit - Information, Artificial Intelligence and Complexity

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Remarkable History of Technology ... briefly

The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel

Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages by Carlota Perez - the author's website. Best Summary