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Purpose and vision

Some older thoughts on how "All Things Crypto" can be useful

The goal is to build a living structured resource for blockchain, cryptoeconomics, cryptosociology, ...

CRYPTO CANON is an excellent collection of articles by the well-known VC firm a16z, this is also a very good foundation to be a contributor to "All Things Crypto". Reading and understanding these articles makes a good generalist in crypto-space. This living knowledge tree has another goal to be an incubator for startups/crypto networks, which can arise from initial discussions and networking on the common tree and splitting into private trees. A big one-pager of Jameson Lopp is the next level compendium of resources.

For the regular weekly updates, a good resource is Token Economy

Get involved with the current version of "All Things Crypto"!. A first version of an adaptable outline of DAG knowledge tree (DAG structure, same item may appear in several branches) is here.

The vision of the project - to learn together and to go on the journey of changing the world via technologies for the better. In particular, by developing a good and practical understanding of cryptographic tools and blockchain we can form the community of builders and learners.