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Silicon Valley versus Wall Street

cooperation and competition
macro supply-demand - SValley creates the demand for the products, Wall Street creates the supply (via the investments and markets dynamics)

distribution and supply-demand boundaries

Long Take: Google banking shows that tech giants are the storefront for everything, and other distributors will fade away

payments systems

What will survive? banks, fintech or bigtech?
this means disruption, and different winners in different areas

advertising markets... after reading "Chaos Monkeys"

How Digital Advertising Markets Really Work

  • No, Data Is Not the New Oil Proposals to "pay" users for the value of their data don't reflect how internet giants like Facebook and Google really operate.

Why Data Is Not the New Oil Alec Stapp

crypto fight

  • Aaron Brown

Libra's Technical Features Are Not What's Exciting and pdf


JPM Coin Is the Wildest Big Bank Idea in Many Years

JPMorgan is making a bold attempt to gain a first-mover advantage in a potentially lucrative new service.- pdf

finance and micro-credit fight


Abolish Silicon Valley, with Wendy Liu and Carl Miller Intelligence Squared