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Semantic Web and Ontology

Semantic Web

Berners-Lee Seeks Killer App for Semantic Web
Susan Dumais

Towards a Killer App for the Semantic Web

The survey concluded that the areas which seem to benefit
more from this sort of technology are data integration and semantic search. It was argued that these areas could be accommodated with technologies for knowledge extraction, ontology mapping and ontology development. Similarly, Uschold and Gruninger
[31] argue that ontologies are useful for better information access, knowledge reuse,
semantic-search, and inter-operability

Insight researchers have extensive experience in mainstream research on machine learning and statistics Science Foundation Ireland

Ontology engineering

Actually, What Does “Ontology” Mean? A Term Coined by Philosophy in the Light of Different Scientific Disciplines

Beyond Concepts: Ontology as Reality Representation

Harvesting Wiki Consensus - Using Wikipedia Entries as Ontology Elements