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Peter Thiel

the book Zero to One

fast progress in the world of bits, stagnation in the world of atoms. Somewhere in between- Innovation in the world of gray matter/brain/medium scale, but in tools sense, not in science?

Why the famous Peter Thiel interview question is so predictive

Thiel on Progress and Stagnation

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ECNY Events - Peter Thiel 2018 general

Peter Thiel: Successful Businesses are Based on Secrets | WIRED —- mins 1.50-15.00
happy companies are different, while happy families are alike
what’s true that almost nobody agrees with you? courage is more rare than genius ... these days
Google, AirBnB,

start with niche market, get monopoly, choose timing, team right, have a secret, ... - a lot of luck, brains, and still sweat

2013 Peter Thiel and Marc Andreessen debate

2020 The Talebian and Thielian Moment Jakub Simek
This is the deep revelation of Christianity according to René Girard. That the violence is at the roots of our culture and that we root out violence with violence.
The Thielian moment of getting back to the future
Jim Rutt, another complexity thinker, says he is allergic to anything metaphysical and he used to hate words such as wisdom. But he recently came to conclusion that wisdom for him is something like understanding exponentials and fat tails
Efficiency is the enemy of antifragility.


Palantir to Wall Street: we are not like other tech companies

Palantir: On Business, Cults, and Politics

No Mercy / No Malice Logo - PalanThiel: The Uncola September 18, 2020

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In 1996 PayPal Founder a Young Peter Thiel Predicts Effects of MultiCulturalism and Diversity
... surrounded by euphimisms

2018 Coinbase, Billionaire Peter Thiel Back New ‘Reserve’ Stablecoin

With more and more stablecoins entering the space, it seems only a matter of time before a trustworthy contender steps up and takes the mantle from the Tether project to provide a much-needed service to the cryptocurrency market

Where Do Business Maas Come From? by Byrne Hobart

2014 Peter Thiel: Seven Surprising Keys To Market-Creating Innovation

2014 Lecture 5: Competition is For Losers