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Twitter - social intelligence

podcast 2020 Jack Dorsey on Twitter's Mistakes- The Daily

is Twitter an aggregator or a platform?

a good video with the history of Twitter at the end of the article
july 2020 - Twitter stock jumps on potential subscription platform

Bloggers and forum moderators had full control over their own sites, and did not shy from banning and censoring people they believed were poisoning the conversation. Each community had its norms, and people were happy to shun those who did not follow them

Status is clearly scarce, and in a gift culture like the free software community - or on Finance Twitter - the way you earn status is by putting in real effort, and then giving away the fruits of that effort... by Alex Danco

Vicki Boykis Jack and I prove that humans are not web scale
Of course, in a Twitter thread

Dark Psychology of Social Networks Story by Jonathan Haidt and Tobias Rose-Stockwell
Why it feels like everything is going haywire

Tweet Sentiment Visualization

collective effort visualization versus individual status-as-a-service (Twitter Analytics)
Twitter BI Integrations