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Social Media in Financial Markets

Social Media in Financial Markets: The Coming of Age gnip 2016

The Value of Crowdsourced Earnings Forecasts compare with

  • The first class of companies we have seen in the marketplace focus on social media “monitoring” for finance.

Non-financially focused social monitoring firms such as Brandwatch have also
illustrated that investors and not just brands can use their platforms

and in 2020 Brandwatch still active which replaced Topsy as a social intelligence leader based on Twitter

  • A second class of companies focuses on social media analytics for finance

Eagle Alpha has spent several years honing both machine-learning and humanscreening processes to identify financial topic-based influencers to find and give perspective to key financial news breaking and being discussed on Twitter

2020 The Good, the Bad, and the Social Media: Financial Implications of Social Media Reactions to Firm-Related News

2016 Bukovina Social media and CapitalMarkets - review