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Individualism vs Collectivism

2020 - USA and China are becoming much closer in their "state capitalism" economic systems, but culturally and philosophically USA and China are very far in the extreme individualism and collectivism systems
Interesting how will the global civilisation develop forward? In particular, not so relevant Milton's Friedman that "economic freedom is a pre-condition for political freedom"?

physics - collectivism versus individualism

part 1 - ALEXEI KOJEVNIKOV Freedom, collectivism, and quasiparticles: Social metaphors in quantum physics

part 2 - David Bohm and collective movement


Capitalism - The Unknown Ideal/DEAL

Krishnamurti Do not lose yourself in the conflict and pain of the opposites.

Do not compare and strive to become the opposite of that which you are. Be wholly, choicelessly aware of what is, of your habit, of your fear...