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Comments and suggestions

Please enter here your comments on existing features and suggestions for new ones

  • ----- yes, very strange and BAD that other users can change things in my root? Date User name Title of change Votes 13 July 2020, 18:36 (UTC+03:00) Francis Rivest Weird change

  • Article text should probably be justified so that each line has equal width (currently is't left-aligned).

  • "404 Not Found" is returned if the page exists but hidden for the user. This can lead to confusion.
  • There is no possibility of deleting a node (or it's too hard to find the button).
    • A: This is more of a feature than a bug. The reason for not having deletion is that node may be shared by multiple users, and deletion can cause problems for them. Any created node is simply a shell, that can be reused anywhere: the content (title, attachments, etc) and location (parent nodes) can be easily changed. Having said that, if the node was created and edited only by one user and does not have descendant nodes, we can allow its deletion, if there is a significant user support for this approach.
  • If one wants to continue working on draft, he has to copy-paste it into editor manually.
  • Allow to create and attach tags to an article; Even better to allow search by tags. In other words, should not there be an automatically built bibliography for some parts of the tree?
  • A version for a smart phone (iPhone,etc) - when?
  • why is it not possible to merge the lower nodes into other sub-trees but only top-level nodes of Private tree?
    • The idea is that one project is subsidiary to another. So, one can merge the top node of one project into another, by attaching the top node of one project to any node of another. In the resulting project collaborator lists are merged.
  • Since there is "Export",why is there no "Import"?
  • Add an option to recognize c++ and python codes as codes, just like you have the option to write in latex. Also, some sort of way to directly link to jupyter would be great!
  • Have a "My drafts" section on the left sidebar that contains a link to all the nodes where you have an uncommitted draft