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Here you can report bugs. We very much appreciate your feedback, and will correct them asap.

  • why cannot I create a child node sometimes? it is not 5 children constraint it seems. I see error - Please, correct the following errors: Parent nodes is invalid. What is exactly invalid and how to fix it?

  • Images become spuriously detached from pages: eg. Edit page,(i) add image attachment,(ii) insert image into page, (iii) without having committed changes, click image in list of attachments (this takes you to a preview of the image), (iv) click back in browser (appears to be the only way of returning to edit mode from the image preview). Now the image will no longer appear in the attachments, but will still appear in the page where it was added in (ii). This error comes up frequently as getting the links to add images into files requires a right click on the image, an inadvertent left click will result in this bug.