Exotic/topological phases

  • stm detection of Weyl semimetals (Haim)
  • on the way to STM detection of Majoranas in quantum wires (Haim)
  • Spin incoherent 1D spin-1 Bose gas (Yip)
    We consider spin-incoherent 1D spin-1 Bose gas in a harmonic trap, where the temperature is much higher than the spin-exchange energy, but low compared with those of orbital excitations. We evaluate the momentum distribution of this gas. We found that it is broadened with respect to the case of spinless Bosons for small momenta. However, the high momentum 1/p4 tail is smaller than the spinless case. [arXiv:1605.00745]
  • Persistent Hall response after a quantum quench (Wilson)

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