Majorana discussion

Majoranas in strange places

Majorana bound states from exceptional points in non-topological superconductors
Pablo San-Jose, Jorge Cayao, Elsa Prada & Ramón Aguado

Signature of magnetic-dependent gapless odd frequency states at superconductor/ferromagnet interfaces
A. Di Bernardo,1 S. Diesch,2 Y. Gu,1 J. Linder,3 G. Divitini,1 C. Ducati,1 E. Scheer,2 M.G. Blamire,1 and J.W.A. Robinsona,1

Intrinsic Paramagnetic Meissner Effect due to s-wave Odd Frequency Superconductivity

Discussion outcomes/interesting questions:

  • Is there anything topologically non-trivial about Helimagnet-Superconductor, in a thin film geometry? Is it (can it be made e.g. with help of SO) topological for fixed $k_z$, similar to Weyl systems? (possibility raised by by Yuval O.)

  • Would be nice to understand what odd-f superconductivity really is. Connection to Majoranas? (Yip)

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