Proposed discussions

lets list here topics and questions. After interested participant self-identify, a convenient time can be sorted out


  • Higher dimensions
  • Floquet systems
  • Spin glasses

Interested: Arijeet, Ivar,...

Odd-f superconductivity and its connection to Majorana fermions.

  • is it the same thing?
  • connection between ballistic and semiclassical approaches?


Interested: Ivar, ...

Floquet/TI, with relaxation/dissipation

  • interesting possibilities in multi-Floquet spaces?

Interested: Ivar, Xiaopeng, Dong , Majo, Mohammad, Justin, Babak

Vortices in p-wave excitonic(-polaritonic?) condensates

  • are there cores states analogous to Majoranas?
  • what happens when d-vector is not confined to a plane?


Interested: Ivar, Xiaopeng, Yip, Babak


  • Open questions?
  • Robust non-topological operations?
  • Majoranas in unusual settings (helical magnets or interface between s-wave and semiconductors)?
  • Issues with detection?
  • Majoranas with superconducting circuits
  • Molenkamp Fractional Josephson experiments arXiv:1603.09611, arXiv:1601.08055, arXiv:1503.05591
  • Open questions related to fractional Josephson effect- How to model ac effect with dissipation and continuum states? how likely is it to get false positives - as a function of frequency?
  • Open questions related to Shapiro states - How to model Shapiro step with interaction, finite T Ohmic dissipation and dynamics - what would be a low voltage safe case?

Interested: Ivar, Dong, Eran, Yuval, Jay, Yip, Julia

Past: Date/Time/Loc: June 10, 3 pm. Bethe

Landau-Zener-Stuckelbert with dissipation

  • different regimes?
  • pulsed vs continuous drive?
  • systems: qubits, magnetic atoms, e.g. in Li(Ho,Y)F

Interested: Ivar, Dong, Majo

Past: Date/Time/Loc: June 8, ~3 pm Majo office