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Investing and Funding

The Bitcoin Model for Crowdfunding by Naval Ravikant

Useful resources for investors by Coinmetrics

Mechanisms of financing and funding

The review series from VC perspective The Decentralized Future Series: A New Age of Investing By Alex Shelkovnikov and Ramon Recuero


a detailed analysis Economics​ ​of​ ​Initial​ ​Coin​ ​Offerings

Venture Capitalists debate the value of utility, security, and platform cryptoassets

Fat protocols are not an investment thesis. Searching for investment criteria in the functionality stack Holding tokens for applications which bring millions of users to cryptoeconomic systems may be a far superior medium term strategy for capturing blockchain’s growth curves. Every protocol-application boundary requires its own analysis.

Platform currencies may soon be obsolete

Skin-in-the-Game Coins. Non-worthless utility tokens: truly rare, mythical, beasts if there ever were.

Schrödinger’s Token: Securitility and the Need for a New ICO Securities Framework not easy to distinguish between utility and security tokens, the author is calling for "securitility token" ... mostly discussion of legal and basic practical considerations

Doubts about the Long-Term Viability of Utility Cryptoassets by John Pfeffer. Due to ICO putting a lot of weight on the upfront financing,

if a cryptoasset isn’t a dominant non-sovereign monetary store of value (“SoV”), it’s somebody’s working capital

Investment Style

How to Make Sense of Cryptocurrency Valuations by Aaron Brown - Factor analysis, the time-tested method for assessing stocks, can be used for Bitcoin and others.

The Size portfolio (yellow line) has zero weight on the two megacurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. 7 It has roughly equal weights on smaller (but still big) currencies like Ripple, Litecoin, NEM and Ethereum Classic
The Quality portfolio (red line) is long Bitcoin and short Ethereum. 12 In most categories, it is long the highest market capitalization 13 cryptoasset and short all the smaller ones
The Service portfolio (blue line) is long cryptoassets that do things, such as STEEM (social media), Factom and MaidSafe (secure data storage and transfer), Augur (prediction market), and Iconomi (manage digital assets), and is short the currencies.
Finally the (MT: ???) Coins portfolio (green line) is long coins, like Bitcoin and Litecoin, and short smart contracts, like Ethereum, service assets 15 and tokens.