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Investing into Crypto and/or Blockchain

Major investment themes

Is there a product-market fit? How to achieve the value capture? On the immaturity of tokenized value capture mechanisms

Investors panel

Investor Panel: "Investing in a Decentralized Eco-System" | Blockstack Berlin 2018

Blockchain: Harvard Business School Alumni Angles with
Nicolas Cary, Daniel Masters, Chairman at XBT Provider and Global Advisors, ... Alexander Shelkovnikov, Cyrus Fazel

Insightful investors

Albert Wenger on the Decentralized Future: What is it and how do we not screw it up?

Talks at GS – Naval Ravikant: The Capital Play Behind Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

VC investments

Blockchain Investment Trends In Review in 2017

USV and a16z

Tokenized Tor? A16z, DFJ and More Back Private Internet Project Orchid