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NY Times runs series on Crypto Demystifying the Blockchain and A Guide to the World of Blockchain By NATHANIEL POPPER
Slowly and unsteadily, the mysterious blockchain is emerging from the shadows and making its way into a still murky future. Don’t count it out.

Bitcoin Could Break the Internet, Central Bank Overseer Says and the technical report


Consensus & Token Summit Recap

a video 30 mins The Crypto Economy By Scott Galloway 17 May 2018

following developments with Telegram

Dark market Boom

Munger Scales New Metaphorical Heights With Bitcoin Bashing, Compares Crypto To Organ Trading famous, yet very old, investors, Buffett and Munger, are very critical of crypto .... by Fred Wilson from AVC ( not Chris Dixon) replies Is Buying Crypto Assets “Investing”


Asymmetric Information and Entrepreneurship
as well as Tweet summary

reading live Tweet comments from Vitalik from the conference "Deconomy"
as well as his exclamations about "complete fraud Craig Wright"

4th Dimension: Bitcoin-Manipulation-Cartel — Price-Suppression is the Goal a food for thought about cartel which operated after the estbalishment of CME futures


Interviews with Ten Top Crypto Influencers for current insights and work

added JP Morgan fresh report

Bitcoin Enters Awkward Adolescence. Derivatives provided greater visibility into an opaque markets, but there is no rush to embrace them. by Aaron Brown
Detailed discussion of the volatility and its term-structure. Concluding about institutional investors: "The floor is available and the band is playing, but no one is asking anyone else to dance."

GS sceptical review


Telegram is quietly tacking on a $1.2 billion private round to its mega ICO

Nearly half of 2017's cryptocurrencies have already failed And more are likely on their way out

The Richest People In Cryptocurrency

Token Economy #34: RIP ICO?
+Puertopia, Lightning, Facebook ban, Tezos fork, Tether subpoeana, Line & Cash App, Samsung mining, SEC halts ICO

Boom in fully compliant security tokens, fuelled by the emergence of platforms like TrustToken, Securitize, Polymath, Templum etc.

----- added GS review for the outlook at the start of 2018

Bitcoin fell from 11.8k to 9.3k over 5 days - februARY 2nd
Bitcoin's Huge Arbitrage Play Just Vanished as Korea Bubble Pops
So-called kimchi premium disappears amid government clampdown
‘The bubble in cryptocurrencies has burst,’ analyst says
- Bitcoin’s brutal start to the year is proving especially painful
in South Korea.


530usd Mln in XEM Stolen From Coincheck Can Be Traced, NEM Team Confirms Due to the sheer size of the stolen funds, it is also not likely that the hackers will go through small-scale cryptocurrency exchanges to convert or launder the stolen funds.

At this stage, the only safe option for the hackers is to hold onto the stolen NEM. Because of the technology NEM has developed in light of the recent Coincheck hack, it has become significantly difficult for the hackers to do anything with the funds.

  • notice a jump in TETHER??? not relation....

Сможет ли биткойн заменить доллар- Финансист Сергей Романчук о криптовалютах как системе недоверия
Однако мировой экономический расцвет второй половины XX в. во многом связан с отказом от золотого стандарта и созданием системы фиатных валют, которые как бы ничем не обеспечены, кроме денежно-кредитной политики.

На мой взгляд, это различие между биткойном и долларом и есть фундаментальная причина того, почему биткойн не сможет заменить доллар.

a good review of business blockchain in Russia in 2017 Россия внедряет блокчейн

ICO Telegram собрало заявок на 3,8 млрд)

BitConnect Closes Exchange After State Crackdown Over Unregulated Sales

Weathering the Altcoin Storm (And Investing for the Next)

a very good NYT article Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble
Yes, the blockchain may seem like the very worst of speculative capitalism right now, and yes, it is demonically challenging to understand. But the beautiful thing about open protocols is that they can be steered in surprising new directions by the people who discover and champion them in their infancy. Right now, the only real hope for a revival of the open-protocol ethos lies in the blockchain. Whether it eventually lives up to its egalitarian promise will in large part depend on the people who embrace the platform, who take up the baton, as Juan Benet puts it, from those early online pioneers. If you think the internet is not working in its current incarnation, you can’t change the system through think-pieces and F.C.C. regulations alone. You need new code

Questions for 2018

My Most Valuable Crypto Market Insights For 2018 and Beyond

Crypto and non-crypto insights for 2018

  • will ICOs continue? ICO.2, really?????in the second half of 2017, ICOs froze

how can ICOs clean themselves

  • regulations - agressive state laws, not just proposals?

the status of real-world regulations in China and Russia

  • Proof of Stake

  • the state of exchanges and their failures.... BitConnect and its coin just failed

  • fraud coins -- Tether?

  • how will Telegram ICO go?

claiming 850mio USD size

Telegram собирает на ICO уже 850 млн USD