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Token Economy by Yannick Roux

Token Economy #36: Governance done right
excellent review of everything essential happening

Token Economy

Dan Larimer

How to build a Decentralized Application without Fees

Nick Szabo

Money, blockchains, and social scalability

June 11, 2007 Nanobarter

Aaron Brown
CME's Bitcoin Foray Has Three Plausible Outcomes CFTC full acceptance 1) SEC doesn't, Cryptos to stay illiquid 2) SEC accepts, but not long-term investors. Bitcoin as a penny stock 3) long-term investors/ pension funds move in. Bitcoin is a stable liquid asset (some ppl are afraid that offial acceptance can harm Bitcoin???)

Cryptocurrencies Move a Step Closer to the Mainstream

LedgerX Will Transform Cryptocurrencies

AVC- Fred Wilson from USV

I Scam Yous We have looked at hundreds of token offerings at USV and have only participated in one token offering to date. We do have five portfolio companies that either have done or will do token offerings so you can add them to the list of tokens we have exposure to. And USV is an investor in a number of token funds like Polychain which I blogged about yesterday.

A legitimate project has these characteristics

Robert Sams of Clearmatics

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5 More Thoughts On Crypto After Another Five Months Down The Rabbit Hole by enthuasiastic Lou Kerner