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Attention/contribution token

Key features

  • initial (uniform) currency distribution among network participants
  • funds can be invested (Steem Power) or lent (Steem Dollars)
  • participants vote on contributions of each other, and network calculates financial rewards; work is rewarded
    • voting can be positive or negative
      • negative is in part intended to dissuade high-value participants from voting for themselves
    • there is a limit on the voting rate
  • There are no fees on transactions
  • Validation/Consensus is achieved by subjective proof of work, by witnesses selected based on their network value (similar to Proof of Stake?)
  • build on Graphene -- scales well, can support Reddit volume

Key challenge -- still unresolved?

Distributing a currency to as many people as possible in a manner that is generally perceived as fair is a challenging task. The tasks that can be entirely evaluated by an objective computer algorithm are limited in nature and generally speaking have limited positive external benefits. In

Steem - Bluepaper

what is the quality of the current developer and design teams?
Is Dan Larimer still involved (BitShares was sold ...)?
How the payouts are really calculated?