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Social Media


The battle for consumers’ attention by Economist
Mass entertainment in the digital age is still about blockbusters, not endless choice Winner takes all

Crypto space

A primer on decentralized social media with the example of Monetize your Gmail inbox with (recently acquired in 2018 by Coinbase in Turnaround)

  • the emergence of "financial internet"?

Websites That Pay Users With Blockchain Aim to Disrupt Facebook

  • useful lessons from history?

The 10 Guinness World Records for Social Media Are?

Specific projects (to be investigated in more detail....)

Orchid is a sort of tokenized-Tor, with the goal of bringing censorship-free internet everywhere.

  • Blockstack

A 1 Million Request for Social Networks

  • TruStory

TruStory raises a seed round led by True Ventures and other notable investors and Angels by Preethi