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Public versus Private Blockchains

Different business requirements for permissionless/public blockchains versus private/regulated blockchains. "As is often the case in the real world, it depends."

Vitalik Buterin: On Public and Private Blockchains Aug 2015 for Coindesk

A very important question is whether Traditional Asset Tokenization will happen and be successful and impactful. ...Tokenization of traditional assets in the coming years will have an impact on liquidity across multiple asset classes.
MT: if the kenization happens on public blockchain, but regulation should force everything to private blockchain???

No, Bitcoin Is Not The Future Of Securities Settlement by Robert Sams.
The impossibility of reversal of some transaction seem to be a serious legal obstacle.

Engineering Security Through Coordination Problems by Buterin (May 2017)
A very interesting point is how coordination of users is helpful for public blockchain, while a central agent benefits from "passive/negative coordination" for private blockchain. How to use this point in detail in the design of public/private blockchains?

Part 1 of a comparative analysis between Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda Blockchain vs. Distributed Ledger Technologies

Blockchain in Enterprise

DLT has seen some early adoption, but broad use cases have yet to
materialize due to technological constraints (i.e. latency, scalability). However, in our
view DLT will eventually become embedded in every software platform as the
technology improves, similar to how business intelligence (BI) and data analytics is being
embedded into every layer of business processes