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So, what would happen if the neurons were people? People have lots of capabilities; they know lots of things about the world; they can perceive things in a human way. What would happen if you had a network of people where you could reinforce the ones that were helping and maybe discourage the ones that weren't?

We Are in the Presence of a Formidable Creature

2015 : WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MACHINES THAT THINK? from 150 opinions of great scientists

The fallacy of obviousness A new interpretation of a classic psychology experiment will change your view of perception, judgment – even human nature

Deciding what is relevant and meaningful, and what is not, are vital to intelligence and rationality. And relevance and meaning continue to be outside the realm of AI (as illustrated by the so-called frame problem)

Information Bottleneck METHOD

Information Bottleneck sheds insight into AI as well as human brain

Learnability can be undecidable

We describe simple scenarios where learnability cannot be proved nor refuted using the standard axioms of mathematics. The main idea is to prove an equivalence between learnability and compression.