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Business Models

Our times?! Why Software Is Eating the World by Marc Andreessen

The godfather of mental models for businesses is return on investment versus cost of capital
That loop explains usage, but not monetization. But monetizing ads on an auction-based platform has loops, too.
The supply chain model is powerful because supply chains, for complicated reasons, tend to have alternating layers of commodity and monopoly.
Company as an options trade
A multiparty negotiation between labor, capital, management, shareholders, government

Markets Are Eating The World February 28, 2019 By Taylor Pearson

BIG COMPANIES innovate with new technologies. Example - Google - quantum computing
SMALL COMPANIES innovate with business models. Example - ? - marginal zero costs and specific bundling. Compare reality with journalist's cheer-leading in 2009? ... from Gref's remark

Aggregation and bundling
Defining Aggregators by Ben Thompson 2017

How to Succeed in Business by Bundling – and Unbundling

Betting on Things That Never Change Jul 20, 2017 by Morgan Housel



What Clayton Christensen Got Wrong