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2017 Understanding Abundance, part 3: The Next Big Thing

Understanding Abundance: Introduction

Understanding Abundance, part 1: It’s Caused by Consumers

Understanding Abundance, part 2: Silicon Valley’s Special Sauce

part 3 - the pdf

As friction goes away, customers hire functions to address jobs-to-be-done instead of hiring objects

Understanding Abundance, Part 4: What will not change

Paradoxically, it might be widespread belief in change that should make us wary, or at least cautious. As
Howard Marks has put it, the notion that “markets abhor uncertainty” is a misleading one. Markets function well when there is uncertainty

H2 2016 Paradigm Shift Machine, Part 1: Technology increases access to what is scarce

From Pull and Push to Here and Now: the grand bargain of Facebook and the Feed is unraveling. What comes next?

We’re shifting from Driver Culture to Car Culture. Should that change the way we think about Uber?

In a world of Energy Mainframes, our “PC, meet the Internet” moment is very close

H1 2016 Emergent Layers: an Introduction

Emergent Layers, Chapter 1: Scarcity, Abstraction & Abundance

part 3 - emergent growth

Emergent Layers, Chapter 4: Some Speculation About the Future

Emergence Episode 2: Secrets, see also podcasts - Village Global and Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Secrets about People: A Short and Dangerous Introduction to René Girard
The Most Famous Loop

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