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WHAT is eating the world? - T&M

does each era/time have several very special areas/fields which undergo very rapid progress?
Examples a) physics in the beginning of the 20th century b) software at the end of 20th century
What are these areas/categories which WILL advance human progress in 2020-2030 period? ... different categories (science, tech, business models, friction, scarcity, etc.) seem to be mixing

Why Software Is Eating the World by Marc Andreessen

  • a) because software interfaces and owns paying clients in B2C and also in B2B

  • b) Timing is everything - software companies can grow FAST and capture the momentum

  • c) transaction costs dropped MASSIVELY and therefore freed huge space for MARKETS as opposed to FIRMs - Taylor Pearson

  • d) Mark Andreessen - huge success breeds huge success in SValley - REALITY and underappreciation - proof by facts and strong belief

Software is still eating the world Jeetu Patel@jpatel41 June 7, 2016
It isn’t just that businesses use more software, but that, increasingly, a business is defined in software

Models are eating the world

Why Models Will Run the World
by By Matthew Granade, Co-founder, Domino Data Lab on September 27, 2018

Models help to uncover business secrets as well as social secrets.

The curation, reputation and recommendation systems
Examples - TikTok - technology and status, Why Figma wins, ....

Feedback loops as well as information loops churn the information/entropy cycles.. So tells us Alex Danco..

Markets are Eating the World - Taylor Pearson

Software is eating the world, BECAUSE markets are eating the world.
MT - Markets are eating the world, BECAUSE liquidity is a strong business model!?

  • fintech is eating the world

Why Every Company Will Be a Fintech Company by Angela Strange

2019 Software Ate The World, Now AI Is Eating Software

2019 Why Software Will Eat the Machine Learning World neuralmagic

2017 Nvidia CEO: software ate the world, but AI will eat software

2016 what is eating the world