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Fifth and final clue: More is different [153]. Not by plan but by inner necessity a sufficiently large number of H20 molecules collected in a box will manifest solid, liquid and gas phases. Phase changes, superfluidity and superconductivity all bear witness to Anderson's pithy point, more is different. We do not have to turn to objects so material as electrons, atoms and molecules to see big numbers generating new features. The evolution from small to large has already in a few decades forced on the computer a structure [154, 155] reminiscent of biology by reason of its segregation of different activities into distinct organs. Distinct organs, too, the giant telecommunications system of today finds itself inescapably evolving [151, 152], Will we someday understand time and space and all the other features that distinguish physics — and existence itself — as the similarly self-generated organs of a self-synthesized information system [156-158]?

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