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Old - Welcome to Knowen!

Knowen is a tool for collecting and organizing any kind of information and knowledge, including scientific articles, university courses, art catalogs, technical documentation.

The public part of Knowen is extended and moderated by the worldwide community. Inspired by projects like Wikipedia, Knowen takes a new step towards creating collection of verified, comprehensive and organized information.

Look around

In Knowen, information is represented by knowledge graphs. Climbing from roots to leaves, the reader gradually moves from general to specific information. You can navigate through the graph using the navigation panel, or the navigation graph.

A tree

There is a single public tree, which can be edited by anyone. It grows from the Public root node. Your own trees visible only to you and collaborators grow from Private root node.

You can view the table of contents of any subtree.

Table of contents

Start a private project

To create a personal project, click on Private root node, then hit the + button.

New private tree

Private projects can be merged into each other by selecting the top node in a private tree and attaching it to a parent node in another private tree. The lists of collaborators of the two projects become joined.

Create an article

All Knowen pages are written in Markdown, an easy-to-learn but powerful markup language. You can include $\LaTeX$ math in your documents, it will be rendered with MathJax.


Here you can find information on importing your $\LaTeX$ documents to Knowen.

Invite your colleagues


Share your tree with the world

When you feel ready, you can move any your private project to the public tree.


You can also make your project "Private Visible" (PV), allowing everyone to see it and comment, but not edit, unless they are collaborators.

Edit an article

You can instantly edit any public page. Your corrections will be displayed immediately! You can preview your changes before publishing or save a draft for later work without committing them.

Preview and save

Always describe your edit briefly in the field Title of change! You can also provide an expanded description of your change to allow the others understand your motivation and appreciate your contribution.

Vote and discuss other edits

Each edit has its own page accessible from the History tab. There you can see the changes made by the editor, discuss them and vote.

History page

Profile page

To view your personal page, click on your name at the upper right corner and choose View profile.


Export projects

You can save a local copy of any project or its part as a single HTML-page. Just head to the root of the subtree you'd like to export and use the Export tab. It's possible to convert the resulting file into $\LaTeX$ and other formats — check the manual page for more information.

Project export

And that's pretty much it!

If you notice some nasty bugs or have an idea how to make Knowen better, please drop a note at Feedback page or write us an e-mail!