In general there are talks on Tuesdays and Thursdays before lunch.

Friday, June 3, 2016 (start time/location)

11am - Short talks (10 min)

Torsten Karzig: Manipulating and controlling Majoranas for robust quantum computation

Xiaopeng Li: Many-Body Localization: Non-Ergodic Metal from Interacting Localized and Extended Orbitals

Bernd Rosenow: Dissipative Superfluidity and Mesoscale Confinement

Justin Wilson: Persistent Hall response after a quantum quench

Sungkit Yip: Spin incoherent 1D spin-1 Bose gas

2pm - Seminar

Haim Beidenkopf: Visualising electronic phases by the structure of the wavefunction - Fermi arcs in Weyl semimetals AND unusual relaxation regime of quasi-1d electrons in nanowires

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2pm-3pm Short talks (10 min)

  • Majo Sanchez: Amplitude Spectroscopy of driven artificial atoms & Mesoscopic fluctuations-like effects
  • Misha Fogler: Polaritons in graphene and other van der Waals materials
  • Yoram Alhassid: Mesoscopic superconductivity in nano-scale metallic grains
  • Ovidiu Cotlet: Fermi polaron-polaritons



  • Victor Galitski: Non-Markovian quantum friction of solitons in superfluids

Thursday, June 9, 2016

10am-11am Short talks (10 min)

  • Dong Liu: Periodically driven system coupled to a fermionic bath: A Keldysh approach
  • Jamir Marino: Driven Markovian Quantum Criticality
  • Kaden Hazzard: Ultracold nonreactive molecules in an optical lattice: Multichannel Hubbard models from chaotic collisions
  • Mohammad Maghrebi: Steady states and dynamics in many-body driven-dissipative systems


  • Eran Ginossar: Connection between circuit QED and topological states


  • Roman Lutchyn: Quantum charge fluctuations of a proximitized nanowire

Tuesday, June 14, Bethe

Jay Sau (UMD): Non-adiabatic effects in the fractional Josephson effect and the topological doubled Shapiro step

Arjeet Pal (Oxford): Many body localization beyond eigenstates in all dimensions

Tuesday, June 16, Bethe

Babak Seradjeh (UI Bloomington): Floquet-Engineered Valleytronics in Dirac Systems

Sasha Balatsky (LANL, Nordita): Driven Dirac materials (TBC)